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    09:00 - 18:00

The ACYOA General Assembly took place

The ACYOA Seniors of St. Sarkis Church in Carrollton, TX, hosted the 2022 ACYOA General Assembly and Sports Weekend over Memorial Day weekend, welcoming more than 325 young adults and clergy from across the Eastern Diocese. It was a joyous reunion for many, as it was the first in-person ACYOA General Assembly and Sports Weekend since 2019. Presiding throughout the event was newly elected Primate of the Eastern Diocese, Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan.

The weekend started with the 2022 ACYOA General Assembly, which hosted 65 delegates, observers, and clergy for a day of fruitful discussions and elections. It closed with sports championships and a gala banquet and awards ceremony. In between, young adults from across the Diocese participated in church services, sporting competitions (held at the new St. Sarkis Athletic Center), discussion groups, and social gatherings.