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ACYOWorld should be a bridge. Video message of Archbishop Hovnan

ACYOWorld Middle East started on April 1.on the opening of which His Eminence Archbishop Hovhnan Derderian, ACYOWorld primate greeted the participants with a video message.

The message particularly says:

Dear His Grace Bishop Ashot, we welcome You with joy and we express our gratitude for hosting ACYOWorld regional forum.

As you may know, ACYOWorld was born during the celebrations of the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia and still operates within the big family of our Holy Church with blessing and encouragement of His Holiness Garegin II, Catholicos of All Armenians.

We welcome ACYOWorld Regional Forum, Reverend Tovma Archimandrite Khachatryan undertook its organization, and young people in different places of the world have gathered around him these days. Two Regional Forums have already taken place, we were able to attend one of which in person. In Central Europe, in Prague, young people from more than 12 countries took part in the conference to prepare for the Pan-Armenian Pilgrimage to be held on July 6-10.

For the past two years, we have had difficulty organizing Regional meetings bearing in mind the fierce conditions created by the coronavirus. Thank God, the conditions have already changed, and we are resuming our work with a bright and enthusiastic mood.

ACYOWorld carries out an important and cherished mission in the life of our Church, to unite the youth around the Church, so that through their active role they can pave the way for tomorrow's spiritual and secular leaders in the life of the Church. ACYOWorld mission in the Armenian Apostolic Church should be considered the most important, because ACYOWorld should be a bridge today and at all times.

Thank you to the Armenian Diocese of Egypt, under the leadership of His Grace Bishop Markos, for hosting the forum. We also express our special appreciation to Father Tovma: and our joy and gratitude to all the young people who have participated in the regional meeting organized by the Prelacy in Cairo, Egypt, with faith and national consciousness.

Get united, dear young people, around the Church, have in you also the feeling of being privileged, entrusted to you as young people, to make to succeed the mission of the Church and to lead for all future generations. We welcome this regional assembly and wish you all the best and success. May God's help be with you all now and forever, Amen. ”

May God's help be with you all now and forever, Amen. ”