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Donations in Support of Artsakh

In support of Artsakh, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin continues to receive donations from the communities and dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church around the world, which are directed to “We Are Our Borders; All For Artsakh” program of the “Hayastan” All - Armenian Fund.
The Armenian Diocese of Russia and New Nakhichevan has transferred ten million rubles (10.000.000 RUB); another Church structure has donated thirty-eight thousand seven hundred US dollars (38.700 USD). The St. Mary Magdalene Church in Brussels (Belgium) has transferred twenty thousand euros (20.000 EU).
All the proceeds of the “Archbishop Paren Avedikian” Foundation of the Mother See this year - seventy seven thousand seven hundred forty US dollars (77.740 USD); have been decided to donate to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen for the needs of the families of martyred and disabled soldiers.