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I am a pilgrim: Alen Ashikian

I am a pilgrim: Alen Ashikian

My name is Alen Ashikian

The church plays a very important role in my life, being a constant during most of my life. Since I was a child, my family would come to St. Mary Armenian Church in Costa Mesa every Sunday. I attended Sunday school, and then began serving on the altar during Badarak. ACYO brought me closer to God and to other youth in my church.

I take an active role in the church. Currently I am the Chairman of the ACYO Central Council of the Western Diocese of North America. As part of the central council, I have helped organize events for all the youth of the diocese. Some of these events include sports tournaments, camp retreats, food and toy drives, and recently online Zoom presentations and fundraisers.

In my own church, I am an altar server on Sunday’s, and as a part of our ACYO, I help fulfill the mission to bring youth closer to God through our ACYO’s four pillars: Fellowship, Service, Education, and Worship.

Armenia is a country where all Armenians can feel at home, regardless of their origin or how Armenian they are. It serves as a reminder of our perseverance, our strength, and our Christian faith, no matter what battles we are facing.